So now this is the last episode. Where are we going? We didn’t see your mother at the shelter home. Lets go there and see. Yes but do one thing, call Malika..We’ll call her on the way. Come with me. This looks like it. Yes, its written here. God please let us find mom..Shoaib.. Mom.. Mom.. Who are you people? I don’t know you people. Mom.. Mom, I’m Malika. And she’s Haseena. You.. Why don’t you recognize us? I don’t know who you people are. Leave from here. Mom, we made a big mistake. Please forgive us. Forgive us, please. Mom.. Mom.. Shehzadi and I came to you to urge you to keep us. Shehzadi is dead. I will also die like that..Mom, please don’t say this. We made a big mistake. Please forgive us. Please. Mom, lets go.You came here and you didn’t even tell us.

I was a burden for all of you. No mom. You cannot be a burden to us. You’ll live with me at my house. No matter what the world says, you’ll live with me.I don’t want to go with anyone. Don’t say this.Mom.. Mom, Haseena is right. We’re here to take you. You’ll live with us. Mom, please forgive us. And we won’t leave without you. Please come with us. Will you eat anything, mom? Is this something to ask. She’s here for the first time, mom, should I get the snacks for you that you like? Yes, go and bring snacks for my mom.I’ll just be back. No, nothing. I’m not hungry. Mom, why aren’t you hungry? Are you still upset with me? No, why would I be upset. Seeing a proper house after so long, I’ve realized the importance. Shoaib go and get the snacks.Yes I’ll just come. Its alright. I know you must be very hungry. I don’t get hungry now.


I’m not hungry for anything now. This hunger, snatched your brother from me. Your sister is dead. I’ve lost everything because of my own fault. This hunger left me with no place to go. Every time I used to think, that I have to eat this, eat that, snatch this and that. Stop crying. Be strong mom. Be strong for us. How can I be strong? For whom? There’s nothing left. Everything is finished. Everything is finished because of myself. Its alright mom. Please.. You have brought up Talha so well. Even he had his dad, he wouldn’t have been able to do so. Its all God’s blessings, Sidra. Otherwise what could I have done all alone? God always helps the good people. And you are so good. What about Kashif? Did you talk to him again? Talha gets so many questions in his mind after looking at him. I don’t want that Sidra. Hmm.. You’re right. And if he comes here with the child as an excuse, he will insist that you marry him again. The doors opened for Kashif for the last time. Not again. The doors of the house have been closed for him, so, marrying him is out of question. That man divorced me because he wanted to be free. I don’t want him to share Talha’s or my happiness. Once a string is broken, it cannot be tied again. You’re absolutely right. There’s absolutely no forgiving someone who cheated on you. Well, why am I discussing this with you? Tell me about your preparations for Islamabad.

You’ve already done so much for me Sidra. You’ve always been my true support from the start. You sit, I’ll get you tea.No, I’ll make tea today. If that’s the case, I’ll have two cups of tea.You can have three too. I’ll just go make it. Mom.. Where are you going? I was going to meet Muraad in jail. Listen if you have any change, can you give it to me? I’ll go in the bus and it’ll take me directly to the gate. Yes..Give me lunch along. I’ll sit and eat with him. God knows when did my son eat last. I’ll feed him with my hands. Mom, I was telling you.If there’s problem, let it be. I have enough money to feed him myself. Mom I was saying..What is it? Why are you stopping me? There’s nobody in jail. Have they let him out? Have they? Yes, he has been let out. Muraad was released from jail. Mahnoor forgave him. This is very good news. He’ll come straight to meet me. I’ll sit and wait for him. Did you tell him I was here? He shouldn’t go anywhere else. He should come straight to his mother. I’ll sit here and wait for him. Your brother will come here. Why are you crying now, mom? Had you brought us up well, you wouldn’t have had to cry today Mom.. mom, please save me. Its because of your ill up bringing that brother Muraad and I lost our lives. Mom, I’m burning here. We did wrong with Mahnoor.I did very bad mom. With Anam.


I’ve wronged everyone all my life mom. It was not my time to die.I wronged Mahnoor a lot. God is questioning me..If Mahnoor forgives me mom, the fire here will cool down mom. Please save me mom. You’d laugh..Please tell her to forgive me mom. Mom please.. I’m burning..Its all your fault. Please tell her to forgive me. Its all your fault.You taught me everything mom. You made me like this mom. I’ll keep burning and you’ll burn too mom..Its all your fault mom.. You’ll burn too. No. I.. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. No. I didn’t do anything.. I didn’t.. Muraad.. Muraad… I didn’t do anything.. I didn’t.. Muraad.. Where has everybody gone? Where is everybody? Where? Where did everyone leave me and go? Please forgive me. Please. Please forgive me for everything. I never cursed anyone. Please don’t apologize to me like this. This is what I cannot bear. That you never cursed us. Look at these, please forgive me for everything, for the sake of your child. I have nothing left. I’m empty handed. If you forgive me, my death will be easier. I forgive you. Your phone is charged. Please keep it here. Alright. Actually, he called. But it ended while I was coming here. Its alright. Yasir will call again. Listen, come here. Yes? I didn’t think after looking at you, that you’d prove to be such a loving daughter in law. But you’ve won me over. After today, you don’t have to think of yourself as my governess. You’re my daughter in law. Forget whatever happened. And start your life afresh. Are you telling the truth? And go and meet your mother tomorrow. She must be sad for her son. She’ll be happy if she sees you. Yes, I was missing mom too. Thank you. Hello? Yasir. Hello. Dear, while you fulfill your responsibilities as a dad and husband to your first wife, don’t forget, that you have another wife here. Malika has won me over with her love.

I have accepted her as my daughter from my heart. And you should remember this too. I don’t want to get any complaints. You people came here on one call, I really like it. Thank you. brother, you’re talking as if we’re strangers. You called us and here we are. Thank you. Looking at everything, all I can I say is that Sakina, whatever God does he has a better planning for us. The culprit was punished for his crimes. Yes, you’re right. God does let lose a few people. but he doesn’t forget to reign them in. It is indeed true. Its after such a long time Mahnoor has a smile on her face. Its so satisfying. You’re right. Had Afzal been alive, he would have been very happy. He died because of Mahnoor’s pain. Otherwise he wouldn’t have left me alone so soon. You’re absolutely right. After Afzal’s death, things have been very restless. If he had been here, he would have shouldered all this responsibility without any complaints. Well actually today, we called you here for something special. I hope you’ll honor me. Yes brother Please tell me. We’re here for everything. Actually.. we want Haroon and Mahnoor to be married. brother, I have no objections but your wife? Nazia has no objections. Her smile is her answer. We want to hear you saying yes. But I don’t accept it. Are you happy? Are you at peace now? She said ‘no’ herself today. You must be very happy today. Hello? yes I had to book a ticket. His father has agreed. Haroon really wants it.

Only because his mother is quiet, you’re saying no to such a good life partner. You know the hatred behind this silence, mom. Yes I know. But you should fix your attitude. Mom is absolutely right, sister brother Haroon was with us when there was nobody after dad. He really likes you, he’ll keep you happy. You’ve told me all this today, Mehr but I don’t want you to talk more than your age again. Whats wrong? Why are you angry? She’s absolutely right. Mom, if you don’t like me living here, I’ll go somewhere else with my child. But I won’t do what you want me to. Mahnoor what are you saying? We want the best for you. You’ve suffered so much. Haroon will prove to be a good life partner for you. I don’t want such good, momwhere I’m not respected at all. And what does aunt think that she can respect or disrespect us anytime she wants? What sort of a battle is this? What is the difference between you and her now? And its only brother Haroon who is suffering because of the two of you. My mom was unwanted all her life. She had to listen to aunt’s taunts, I don’t have the strength to be someone’s unwanted daughter in law, mom. Its no use talking to you. You’ve become a stone too, living amongst stone hearted people. If you’re so intelligent, why are you sitting across a stone? Why don’t you leave me? I’ve not completed what I want to say Mahnoor..Why are you misbehaving Haroon? Are you a thug that you’ll make me say ‘yes’ forcibly? You’ve listened to my decision. Not forcibly. When have I forced you? Neither did I do something without your consent earlier, and nor today. I’m just here to meet you for the last time. But I don’t want to talk to you. Talk.. you’ll never see my face again. Don’t bother me anymore Haroon. You have my decision now. When your mother didn’t accept me earlier, and now knowing her dislike, why should I test her patience? Why should I put her in pain? Why shouldn’t I leave your life myself? Will you leave my life? will you tell me now? How will you now leave my life? Alright? I’ll see too. I’ll see how you do everything. You’ve lost your mind. I just couldn’t lose my mind in your love. But you did try your very best. Marriage isn’t a game Haroon. I don’t want you to force your mother to agree for our wedding. I don’t want a mother to stand against her son. Had I wanted this, I would have married you in the court earlier. But its not me to bend anyone and be happy.Mahnoor why do you have to make excuses? Why don’t you say it clearly? That you don’t love me at all. You still say no to my love. Yes. I still say no. More now than ever before. Your mother never accepted my mother as her sister in law. How can she accept me as her daughter in law? Yes Haroon. I am egoistic. I want respect more than love. What wrong did I do, saying no to your proposal? I’m so unlucky. First I tried to make my mother say yes all my life. And now, its you. You’re taking your revenge. This isn’t revenge Haroon. I’m fighting for my self respect. Alright.


You can keep your self respect with you. After today, you’ll not see my face again. Mahnoor. Dear you wanted me to come here and bring a proposal for you myself. That is why you said no. Because you felt I don’t like you. I don’t want you as my daughter in law. Dear, I know I’m stubborn. But you’re stubborn too. You should have accepted what Haroon said. You should have married him in the court. He’s my only son. I would have forgiven him. But, this much pride suits Nazia’s daughter in law. I’m here in front of you. I have no ego and no stubbornness. I just beg of you for my son’s happiness. Please don’t embarrass me aunt. I am your culprit. Please forgive me if you can. I don’t know, the fire of revenge made me incur loss for my own self. I shouldn’t have come between the two of you. I didn’t know my son would be so lost. Please come here Mahnoor. After today, difficult times have ended for both of you. I promise, I’ll be responsible for your happiness. You just, prepare for your new life with Haroon.. Aunt, you’re saying this from your heart? I promise. You don’t know how happy you’ve made me. New city, new residence, new job, Talha’s secure future, I don’t understand how to thank you. Thank you so much. Please don’t thank me. Whatever you got is because you deserve it. The way you fought your circumstances, its actually praiseworthy. Yes, but if you wouldn’t have recommended, this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you very much. You don’t thank your brother. You gave me this coffee, its more than enough for me. Will you stay for mine and Mahnoor’s wedding? I really wish to. But let see what happens. But don’t you worry. Your sister’s prayers will always be with you. No matter where I am. Please have your coffee.. You’re looking beautiful. I really wanted to see you like this. That’s why I’m here. Its good that you came. It was my wish to attend yours and Haroon’s wedding. But my flight is tonight so, Haroon told me you were shifting to Islamabad, Its all Haroon’s doing. Haroon is kind like this.He is just like my brother. And I know he’ll keep you very happy. You both deserve each other. As God wills. What have you thought about yourself? I have a good job and house in a new city. Talha’s future is secured. What else do I need? You’ll not marry again? No.


I’ll spend my life happily with Talha. But well, I asked Haroon to send me all the wedding pictures and I’m reminding you too. I will send. If you could have brought Talha, I would have met him too. I left him with my friend. He must be waiting for me. But next time for sure. Where is he? Haseena what happened, is everything alright?Everything is alright. Then? Ask me whether I’m fine? In fact after I give you the news, you won’t be fine.Stop the riddles and tell me. You’re about to become a father. Really? How did you find out? I went to the doctor, she took a test and told me I was expecting. Thank you God. I had no hopes Haseena.Why, I didn’t let my hopes down. I prayed a lot and God listened to me.Did you tell mom and dad? I wanted to tell you first. And I’m shy, you tell them. If only, if only Muraad hadn’t come into my life ever. I would have been living in my city with my loved ones. Even if I cannot get my son good education, but I will raise him up good with love. I will never let Talha become a beast like Muraad. Aunty has changed a lot. She has become so good with me. Today she asked me to meet my mother and sister. Take her on a walk. Be happy. I’m very happy. She takes care of me. Mom.. Malika is here, talk to her. Muraad is yet to come, please get dinner ready. He gets really upset if he doesn’t get food on time. I was waiting for him. We’ll eat together when he comes. He will come. Did the doctor say something? Mom.. Haseena is expecting. What will you name the baby? You must have thought something. I’ll change Muraad’s son’s names for the baby. That would be fine. Let him come. Its his problem. He makes me wait a lot. He hasn’t come still. I’m much worried. He’ll come. We’ll eat together when he comes. A crazy man’s dreams have become reality today. My love is at peace now. You’re very stubborn. When you knew I was so stubborn, then why did you take so much time to be mine? I thought you’d be tired and lose. But I had forgotten that you weren’t the one to back off. When love and passion meet, they become very dangerous. But yes, if their direction is right, they aren’t so bad after all. Tell me, how do you feel being a part of my life? When a tired traveler finds his destination Haroon, you can only sense his happiness. Mahnoor I know that, you’ve suffered a lot of pain in your life. You’ve seen so much pain. But I promise you today. I’ll fill your life with so much happiness, that you’ll forget everything. I believe you, Haroon.

By Arun

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