I thought I’d give you the news Only one couple will leave the hall as a married couple and that will be yours Not Roomi’s Hamza? The number you are trying is not responding. Please, try later. Listen brother, an uncle is calling you there. Go Greetings! Aren’t you here early? I’m not time but I guess, your groom is late. You know that you get starters first but you have to wait for the main course. Be careful. What if the main coarse gets cold before reaching. Hmm .. Wow brother Azeem, you look in good form. Listen Hm? Your bride is very emotional right now. She is crying too much. Why? I don’t know. Did you say her something? No! We didn’t talk about any such thing. Really? It seemed as if you said her something.


I didn’t Okay! You take some tension that what happened and I’ll go meet guests. Greetings! The number you are trying is not responding. What? Not like this. First give me money. For what? What do you mean? We have a ritual that the groom gives money to his sister in law before the bride sits on the stage. Rumi, I have never heard about such ritual. Yes I heard about hiding the shoe. You can take money during that. Brother Azeem … How old are you? This wedding is happening in 2020. I’m not interested in the ritual of hiding a shoe. Give me my money. It’s Rs. 50,000. How much? Rs. 50,000 only. Give me Are you sure that this is how much you want? If you have more, you can give me that too. Go ahead Can we reduce it a little? No, not at all. I can not reduce it but can increase it. Give me, come on Your groom will also come Yes? Hamna will take money from Hamza with interest on. I am not tensed about it. You give me my money. We will see it later. Come on Fine. Take it later. Everyone is watching What is it brother Azeem? Give me my money. Okay wait … Listen to me, my dress is very heavy. I can’t stand here whole night. Give me my money Mother and father are there. They have the cash. I don’t know Then go find mother and father. I will not let her sit. I heard that you are upset from me No! Not at all Then why are you being so emotional? I can understand. You must be anxious One should be It isn’t easy to leave your own house and own family And I take responsibility that you would never get hurt in the house you are going.

It is my promise that you won’t have any sorrow there. And by the way, your responsibility will get double. Roomi’s groom is yet to come. She is having fun right now but later it is you who have to handle everything. Sister is here. Sister, where are Rumaisa’s in laws? They must be here in some time. You have been saying this from past one hour. How much more shall we wait? You won’t have to wait now. They will be here soon. Greetings! Hows are you? I am fine. My child, go and call your brother Romaisa? Yes aunty? What happened dear? Your groom hasn’t arrived yet? Yes aunty, even I don’t see them. They must be on the way Listen to me, I’ve noticed you two are constantly chatting away. Please remain a bit reserved, everybody is watching, what would they say? You can stop worrying about us and focus on yourself. Where is your main course? He still hasn’t arrived You know what I think? He got afraid and ran away He must have changed his mind after observing my habits Hey you’re laughing and here I’m risking my life. You know what’s going to happen if he doesn’t come? Mr. Siddiqui would announce in the entire hall that is there any one who would marry my daughter? And by the way I have observed every guy in the hall.


They are all losers and it would be a lottery for anyone who would get me Mr. SIddiqui would not do anything like that. And Hamza must be on his way Yes may be Okay don’t worry, come here and sit Shall I sit alone? Yes, sit down Consider it as your own stage Comfortable? Yes very comfortable Excuse me dear, listen to me. I sent you to get your brother, what happened? Father I knocked on his door and even called him but he didn’t respond Oh I’m continuously getting their calls, they’re waiting for us. Is your mother ready? Yes she’s almost ready Are you sure? Please go and call her You try to cheer up Roomi a nbit while I’ll go talk to uncle Sister, the groom’s family has arrived They are here? Hey, why are you still sitting over here? Don’t you have to receive my groom’s family? Get up Hello, how much longer will you sit here like a bride? Your time is over now, go quickly, already we are late. I’m going to get ready, please come to take me soon Oh look your bride has arrived Isn’t she looking pretty Yes, wait a minute.Step back a little What happened? Please just a bit What happened brother Azeem? Thank you. Now we will have the same old tradition Okay fine, please do it as you want to Come, please And there’s no need to hurry, you just need to make him give us the same amount of money which I gave to you. That’s it, all yours Please hurry up Don’t worry The more you try to stay away from me, time keeps bringing you that much closer to me Do you know what? All the time you had to wait for my arrival and the torture it was causing you, I was feeling so good about it If I didn’t come here today, your punishment would have been over, but obviously that’s not possible now is it?

It won’t be a loss for you, trust me Even I took fifty thousand rupees from brother Azeem. I’m tired now You deserve a much higher cost for stopping me right now But for now, this is enough, Zoey? Cash please Fifty thousand cash Take it Now can I go and sit over there? Please And I’m sorry, I don’t have any hope to give you in return for these tears You will never become my sister in law Look dear I can understand, it’s not easy for any girl to leave her parent’s place and get settled in a new home. But I do hope that you consider this home and members of this house your own. We understand the language of love. You can convince her with love and respect but not with ego and rigidness. And it will be better for all of us if you understand it as soon as possible. As far as Azeem is concerned, he has different principals to lead his life. He is very good by heart.


He isn’t a hypocrite and neither likes hypocrisy. And now you are his dignity. I have complete faith that he will protect you and I hope the same from you that you won’t let his dignity effect in any case. Do try that he doesn’t have any complain from you. Live long. God is great Thank God everything went well. Thank God. May God bless them both with good fortune. Amen May God have mercy. Why is Rumi calling at this time? Hello? Hello? Father? Have you taken your medicine? Did you call to ask this at this time? Father? Did you take medicine or not? Yes my child, I have. Good bye! I will talk to you later. Okay? Good night Was she asking about medicine? Hmm One minute Come in Pick up my veil. It’s too hot Pick it up I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! You can cover it again. It’s okay! It’s okay! This is classic. I’m not used to of dreaming especially with open eyes But I did had a dream to make you my partner. And if I call myself the luckiest man of the world today on fulfilling that dream then it won’t be wrong. I promise that we will be together during all the ups and down of this relationship. We will have an equal responsibility of making this relation strong. Thank you for completing my life, Hamna Azeem. No one can know how painful was it to see her name joining with someone else’s name more than I. Tonight will be very painful. It won’t be easy for her as well. Anything is easy for a person who knows how to betray Don’t consider her helpless a betrayal. What helplessness? Tell me? Love tests a person and asks for sacrifice A person who runs from the back door is called a hypocrite Look, then why don’t you sacrifice? Forgive her. I would have I would have forgiven her if I was the same Hamza who was in love with her This Hamza has nothing more than hatred for Hamna What’s Rumi’s fault in all this? Because she is her sister. I want to look very happy on my reception, Shariq.

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