So what news did you bring? Don’t ask Meherbano. What should I tell you? Your daughter in law used to be a silent goat while she lived with you. Now she’s as cunning as a fox. God knows whose company she’s in. She claps back with answers without sparing anyone. What are you saying? Its only been two months since she left from here. How can she change in two months?You’re talking about change. The Sumbul I met today, I say, if you, die and are born again, ten times, you cannot get back your son from him. And I can vouch for this. This cannot be. Rakshinda.. You want to burn my house down? You’ll burn my house down? Before that I’ll burn you. Nagina.. Mam, what is this? Mam.. I’m doing it. Mam.. what is this? He’s sleeping, don’t disturb him.

Should I take it back? Aliya did you get the coffee? Yes. Dad and I thought you were sleeping. I’ve taken a nap. I’ll have the coffee and go home now. Why are you being stubborn? I’ll bring Sumbul and Minal here. Yes, dad is absolutely right. Going away from this house doesn’t mean you cannot stay here. Why are you people insisting? Its important for me to go, Sumbul must be worried. We aren’t being stubborn. I know you’ll hundred percent go directly to the police station to file a report. Your brother wants to prove he’s very brave. Dad.. these thieves are cowards on the inside. That is why they attack. I’ll just file an FIR, we’ll settle things down and you’ll see how I get my plot back. Everything will be alright. Nothing will be alright. Mom, why are you worried? Aman, my child.. I am not educated like you. But I’m your mother. And dear if I stay quiet everything will be destroyed. This.. everything that is happening with you, its because of your wife Sumbul. Oh.. why have you brought Sumbul in all this? What happened mom? Dear, I’ve seen it in my dream. That she is sitting on your chest and killing you with a knife. Enough Bano, for God’s sake. There’s a limit to being an ignorant.

Mirza, I would have stayed quiet if I had seen this dream only once. I have been watching this dream since seven nights continuously, without a gap. Whether you people believe it or not. She wants to kill my son. This is not just a dream. This is a sign for me. That I have to save my son. I have to save him from that witch. At every cost. Oh.. How did you get hurt? Are you alright? Yes I’m fine. It was just a small accident. Why didn’t you call me? I called dad and went to the hospital with him. Then you must have been at home with him. Hmm.. Yes I.. went for a while. Here, something is weird here. No. Nothing as such. You, please sit here I’ll bring some water.Sumbul.. What smell is this? Actually.. there was a fire outside. What? Fire?Yes. Where is Minal? Is she alright?She’s absolutely fine. She’s with Nagina. Don’t worry. How did this fire start? Who did this? You know how much power failures occur here.


I was bringing a candle in the room and it fell on the carpet. No Sumbul.. You cannot manage this house alone. Whenever I come home, I get a new news that something happened. When you were at mom’s house, you were never this irresponsible. You cannot manage this house alone. Aman, I’m sorry. Nothing like this will happen again.What again Sumbul? What? I’ve heard you making such promises fifty times. Please calm down. Get fresh, I’ll get dinner.I don’t want to eat! Dinner? I feel, mom should come here often and stay! Why are you saying this? Because she being here, you will not be so irresponsible. You cannot be. Why are you taking her name again and again? I bought this house for you with so much love. And you’re destroying it with your own hands. What happened to you? Whose anger are you venting out on me? What do you mean? Whenever I come home, there’s a new drama going on. Sometimes you see a ghost, sometimes you hear children crying. You set up a fire today and you’re asking me why I’m angry? Please.. I think we shouldn’t discuss this right now.

And I think we should go to mom, apologize and make it up to her right now! I will not go there.Why will you not go there? Aman, leave my hand? You’re hurting me! You lived with her for six years. I don’t want to see her face. I will never go to her house. Sumbul!! Will you throw me out of this house? Really? Now you’ll see what I’ll do with you. Sumbul.. Sumbul wake up. Where is Minal? She was right here. Where did she go then? Minal? I’ll go find her.What find her? I’ve never seen a more irresponsible woman than you! Minal? Minal? Minal? Look at this! This is how you take care of my child? She was sleeping with me in my room. Get her up from the maid’s bed.Mam.. How did she come here?Minal. Dear, get up.Mam.. Why is Minal sleeping here with you? She was sleeping with mam.She.. brought her here. Who? That woman. Who Sumbul? The same woman, whose ghost haunts this house. She wants to snatch Minal away from me. She brought her here. Come! You’ve lost it.Aman listen to me once. Don’t be loud, she’ll wake up. What is it? Aman, this house isn’t right. There’s something here. Yes tell me, what is it? Here.. a woman lives here in red clothes. She roams the whole house.


I am not lying. Its the truth. This house has something. Sumbul.. A woman lives here? Don’t try to hide your mistakes with the excuse of a woman’s ghost. I understand it now. You and your maid have teamed up. What are you saying? Why will I team up with her? Because I fought with you. You made Minal sleep with the maid to hurt me. Alright. You don’t believe me. Alright. Ask Minal. Minal has seen her. Ask her. Aman.. Aman, she is there again. Minal.. Aman, she was right here. She was right here.Sumbul who is here? There’s nobody here. She.. She is always here and she’s always with Minal. She never leaves her alone. She wants to snatch Minal from me and make you distant. Please believe me. I saw it in my dream that she is killing you with knives. Believe it or not, she wants to kill my child. I have to save him from that witch. At all costs. Yes, what is it? You have nothing to do here, go do your work. Sumbul.. This is your last warning. If you mention that woman again in front of Minal. I will take Minal to Aliya and mom and you will not be able to meet her all your life. Do you understand? Just stop this nonsense now. By the way mom, I didn’t understand it till today. That what is your actual problem with Sumbul? She is the best amongst hundreds. Do you know, all my friends consider her their favorite. Everybody likes her. Hmm. An elephants has separate teeth to show and eat. Do you know how did brother get hurt that day? My son has only one inauspicious thing in his life. And that is Sumbul! No mom. You’re wrong about this. Do you know, brother bought a plot worth 6 millions and some thugs have overtaken it.

And brother went to talk to them and got injured. What did you do? Rather than applying salve on those wounds, Its useless talking to you.Then don’t. Useless talking to me! Mam, I’ll do it. Nagina. Yes mam.. Take me to that man. Yes mam. Come. Come mam. Come. Where have you brought me?To that man. That man lives in the graveyard.I told you mam. Have you lost your mind? I cannot put my daughter’s life in trouble because of that man. Minal is with me. I will not take her to the graveyard.Mam you and I are with her. There’s no danger. Nothing will happen. No.Mam you came so far. Don’t go back. I’m telling you. Nothing will happen to her.Didn’t you hear what I said. I will not go. Lets go back. Come! So, you say they have overtaken your plot?Yes. What are their names?One is Ajmal, the other is Sohrab. I need full names. I don’t know their full names.Any pictures or anything. That people can use to identify them? Sir I.. gave you the address of the plot and the documents. If any of your team visits, you’ll definitely find them.Alright. You go home. We’ll investigate. And then we’ll inform.Thank you sir. Sir, they have weapons and they told me not to go to the police. Alright, good that you came here. What are we here for? To serve you. Go home.


Thank you very much. Mam.. be careful. Where did you take my Manu? Tell me! Where did you take her! You want to snatch her from me? Like those animals snatched my daughter from me? You want to snatch Manu? Speak! Answer me! What do you think of yourself? I’ll kill you. Like I killed all of them! Mam.. Mam.. Mam.. Mam.. What is all this?Aman, I didn’t do anything. Who did this?She did this. Who? She?! That woman did all this. I am telling the truth.Sumbul. Shut up! Shut the hell up! My God! What the hell is going on?! Someone is bothering my son Aman. They have made him lose millions. They hit him. Pray for his safety. Save him from those thugs. Thugs are only the means. She is the one destroying your son. His wife! I know it very well. She’s very inauspicious. She is eating away at my son like termite. But nobody listens to me. Neither my son, nor my daughter or my husband. Do you agree?Yes I do. Then you should stay steadfast. do whatever you can. What can I do? I have your support. Hmm.. We know. Take this amulet.

Put it on your son’s arm. Alright. He doesn’t believe in all this. But he accepts you as his mother. Then make him swear upon your motherhood and ask him to wear it. He spent six years abroad. His religion, his faith, everything has been shook. Maybe if he puts it on because of me. He will take it off when I’m not around.Then something, that he carries with him always, keep this in that. Alright. I’ll try. Don’t stay away from your son. Meet him with a lot of excuses. Try and stay in his house. His house? How can I?He accepts you, and you believe in me. If you stay close to him, we will be able to take care of him better through you. No. Aman. Where are you taking Minal? Sumbul move.Aman for God’s sake don’t take Minal away from me. I promise I will not mention anyone no ghosts nothing. Please let Minal stay with me.Move! You don’t care for my problems. The money I earned from Australia, everything is lost. We’re bankrupt. A husband and wife build a house to live peacefully. To support each other. If leaving the house, and making this home with you, that I came home everyday, and I get hopeless like this. Sumbul.. I shouldn’t have done anything. I shouldn’t have done all this. Move!Aman.. Aman..

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