Thank you Dad, wow Come on, now sing something for Romaisa Me? Why are you being awkward and fussy? I’m not being fussy Then sing. Or are you a very bad singer? Come on sing, the family’s reputation is at stake Dad, please do something Why should Dad always do something Oh well, I can give him a start, I will kick start I’ll start and you kick We have found the best daughter in law. It’s great that you have come in our lives Where are you going so early in the morning? It’s 10 o clock Like I said, early morning Gym What? Gym I’ll go to gym as well What will you do at the gym? What do you mean? Don’t I have the right to lead a healthy life? I’ll go as well Wait for me, I’m coming in just two minutes, don’t leave without me What happened? Your keys, in case you ditch me So did you two plan anything yet? What sort of plan? Oh great.

I mean have you planned any vacation trip with Hamna? I thought you two would have already planned something I made a plan Dad but then we decided to postpone it Why is that? Mother, actually uncle is not well, and I have meetings in office this week, that’s why Son, father can handle all your meetings at the office, and as far as brother’s health is concerned, it’s not entirely Hamna’s responsibility Romaisa is also there. You both should go first and then Romaisa and her husband can go Or have those two already planned something and you both are sacrificing for them? No aunty it’s not that Don’t worry mother, I won’t cancel our honeymoon. We will plan something Oh then plan something. At least take Hamna out somewhere locally Have your breakfast properly dear I’m fine thank you Okay I’m getting late, can you please hurry up? I’m coming, here take this, now step aside I should tie my hair. Am I looking fine? These are my clothes I know they are your clothes, but I don’t have any of my own yet, so you can take me shopping and then I’ll wear my own, fine? Noe tell me where are your shoes? You’re going to wear my shoes? Yes I’m going to wear your shoes.


By the way these shoes go perfectly with my shirt, if you can take them of and give them to me, step aside Hey these are great Roomi what are you doing, these would be very big for you Hey I know but for now this would do. Step aside please Tissue, just check what I’m going to do right now, have to figure out something to make things work, look I’m going to stuff a tissue inside this I’m sorry it’s getting late but, you have no idea how many times I’ve worn father’s shoes like this by stuffing tissue papers inside them, just check, it fits Let’s go, step aside. Looking fine right? Ready for the gym Attitude? I’m looking fine I mean, even I was wondering how is this guy so fit? I mean, abs and biceps, you’re handsome. A stud What are you looking at? Even you can say something nice about me Fine, don’t do it, cheapskate Hey listen, we’re going to make lots of couple goals videos in the gym. I guess even I would have abs and all in a couple of weeks, isn’t it? Oh wow, you smiled? This day will be written down in history in golden letters So where do you want to go for the honeymoon? I haven’t thought about it, whatever you feel is right Come here, sit with me If I had to decide myself then why would I ask you? we are in now I know you must have gotten hurt because of what mother said No, there’s nothing like that Even if that’s the case I would only suggest you to ignore it, because there’s no point confronting her And I wouldn’t like it if you confront her It won’t happen She is like my mother, I will respect what she says I’m getting late.

I should go Thank you Raza? Yes madam? Romaisa and Hamza have gone out somewhere to please ask Sakina to clean their room Right madam And listen You should sometimes ask our daughter in law if she requires anything Yes madam Oh wow, you’re being a very caring mother in law That’s fine, you won’t even hear your daughter when she speaks now. You’re going to forget your daughter completely now that your daughter in law is here It’s okay, this fairy tale will only last a few days till you start having fights with your daughter in law, and then you’ll remember your innocent daughter Fine, don’t listen to me. You’ve changed and so has father. Daughter is totally out of the picture now Okay Aunty, what are you doing here? I’ve been looking all over for you, it’s such a big house, I searched for you in every room and corner Whenever I don’t go to office, I spend the entire day in the kitchen baking a cake Okay, which one? Pineapple? No, chocolate. You tell me, why were you looking for me? I’m getting bored, what else Listen to me, I’ve been married for so long now, don’t you want to start any politics? Politics? Yes, the one that goes on between a mother and daughter in law I’m sorry dear, I won’t be able to do that Oh well, now even my last hope is shattered I have one sister in law who has no problem with me. You are also not in the mood to get into a conspiracy, and uncle is so cute. What’s going to become of me? Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out Infact, why don’t you join my office? How much will you pay me? As much as you want I’ll think about it You said you want to learn baking a cake from me? Come on then I said that? Yes you did, come on then Really? Yes? Take this Surprise See, I told you these two are going to do something like this Then please chill. I can’t get married while I’m worried whether you’re taking care of yourself or not Okay fine You’re laughing? You think your health is a joke? Please somebody explain to him Okay fine dear, come here Okay fine, I’m about to leave, then there’s going to be nobody in this house who would annoy you You’re missing her?


A lot You can call her A phone call won’t be enough Me and this house are used to their presence Now their absence can not be fulfilled in any way It’s your fault, being a father of daughters you should not keep such habits I wouldn’t only if I knew time will go by so fast It seems like it was yesterday that I used to smile at their naughtiness I used to pretend to be cross at them just so that they would try to cheer me up Sometimes they would scold me and then come and hug and me With the belief that they are safe with me You remember one thing, if you miss them so much that your blood pressure gets disturbed then I am going to complain to them about you and then they are going to scold you You just reminded me about another thing about them I want to talk about something serious. Hmm? Who is the best psychiatrist of this city? Why? I want to take an appointment. Do you have any problem? I don’t. I think it’s you who might have a problem. I’ll explain it to you. I feel like you are not one Hamza but two. You have two personalities so I think you have dual personality disorder. Look, when you are at my house, you are very happy. You laugh with Mr. Siddique. You are in a very chill mood but when you are at your house. You don’t laugh or smile. You are mostly sitting in an off mood. Either that Hamza is false or this one. Or may be it’s me who is wrong. One should find out what the matter is. Hmm? I’m like this, Rumi. Like what? Like this or like that? Listen, don’t mind it. I’m not calling you mental.

I’m concerned that if there is any problem then one should find out the problem. Relax! It has happened among my friends too. It’s normal. There is nothing to be worried Just relax. We’ll fix it. Hamna? Hamna, it’s your phone ringing. It’s an unknown number. Wake up Rumi and switch off your alarm. Rumi, switch off the alarm. Why have you put an alarm of this early? What happened? It’s the time. I’m late. I’m late. What are you doing this early? Hello! Good morning. You are up? Good! Now quickly get ready. Where are you going? Not I, we are going to Montessori. Not we. Only you are going. No, I have already told everyone that you are coming with me. It doesn’t matter Rumi that what did you tell. Take driver with you. He’ll drop you. I haven’t got married to driver but. Now come with you. You have 15 minutes so get up quickly. Don’t make excuses. You aren’t waking up? Fine. Rumi, close it. Close it right now. I’m sleeping, close it. Sure, sleep. Rumi, I’m asking you to close it. I want to sleep. Yes, I’m doing it off. See, I have switched off your AC. Get up. You have 15 minutes. Don’t make me late. I’m getting late. Wake up quickly! Who is she, man. I’ll tell you who I am. This is good. Husband is going to office and she is still sleeping. I didn’t wake her up myself, mother. I let her sleep. My child, I’m not asking her to make the breakfast. I’m saying at least she come and sit with us to have breakfast. Nabeela, there are many breakfasts in our 35 years of marriage that we didn’t have together. How does this matter? You are always thinking about yourself. You start complaining in every matter. How dare I complain about her? Fine! Spoil her. Then regret and don’t come to me to complain about it. I’ll leave now. Good bye! Azeem, complete your breakfast atleast. Bye father! Bye! Nabeela, that’s the limit. They have just got married. What will she think about you? He is my son. I care about him. I know but did you see that your son was tensed when he left? One must show off. I have such a handsome husband. All the teachers will be jealous that why didn’t they get you. And male teachers will be in complex. Now you tell me, if I had gone with the driver then this purpose would have been wasted. Yes, it would have wasted. Definitely This is what I’m saying. Now tell what’s the route? What? Route? One second. Have you forgotten the route to the place where you saw me for the first time and fell in love with me? You must remember the Montessori route with the closed eyes. Yes! I should remember but I have a poor memory regarding routes. I often forget. Okay! Now memorize the route properly.


There is no option of forgetting it. I can try. Hmm .. Take a right Good morning mother Good morning Is Rumi awake? She woke up early and took Hamza with her to Montessori. No way. Hamza has started his education again and too from very early class? Zoya, don’t speak foolish. Did you pack lunch box for your baby? Zoya! He will be hungry during the lunch time otherwise. You are turning into an ill-mannered person. Listen, be ready for parent-teacher meeting. There will be many complaints. He’s a very naughty kid I tell you. Shut up Zoya! Sorry! I’m thinking, you should also hire someone for his tution. He fails the exam again and again. Your son is poor in studies. Now he’ll keep fighting in play ground. But Rumi is the teacher so he might behave. Are you done? That’s enough. Okay! Montessori and that too early morning.

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