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Now you do not have to wander around to find the right information related to Ayurveda. You can get detailed information about the principles, treatment and home remedies of Ayurveda in one place through the ‘healthgurulife.com’ blog.

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not a medical system of ancient India, it is a comprehensive medical science! Such methods of medicinal experiments were discovered here, which can increase happiness and enthusiasm in life! May he live happily by becoming disease free! The word Ayur means the time between life and death …….. Ayurveda tells us how to live this time between life and death! How to open up yourself to a positive and healthy life with self-power, a sense of nature and a little awareness …………!

About Me

My name is Arun Kumar and I am the founder of this website, I live in Uttar Pradesh, India. I have been working in Ayurveda for the last 4 years.
From July 5, 2020, I started writing this blog, which has been going on continuously, if all of you get support, then there will always be good information and tips posts for you.

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